ZELOS ASSET MANAGEMENT GmbH is an independent, medium-sized Asset and Investment Manager for Real Estate.

For our Clients, we focus on Asset and Lease Management, Identification and Analysis, Advice and Structuring of Attractive Real Estate Investments combined with Operational Management.

The Management Team has a strong trade and Investment Expertise and many years of Experience. In addition, they have practical and specialist Knowledge in the Restructuring and Value Optimisation of Retail Real Estate.

Excellent Market access and a strong Partner Network support and complement our range of Services.

ZELOS ASSET MANAGEMENT GmbH stands for a holistic Management of Real Estate Investments tailored to the needs of Investors.

What does the name ZELOS mean? In Greek Mythology, Zelos is the personification of zealous Striving.

The ZELOS ASSET MANANGEMENT GmbH is characterized by the responsible and entrepreneurial Striving to realize the goals of our Customers.